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Our crew:

Lady Sings it Better’s crew, managed by efficiency-superstar, Phoebe Meredith, work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the ‘show can go on’:

2012 Indiegogo Crowdfunded Edinburgh Fringe Tour
We received 182 generous donations on indiegogo, raising $12,620 towards our Edinburgh tour. Below are those who were willing to have their name published. We are hugely grateful to them, and to our anonymous donors.

Janet Cridland
Siobhan Towner
Raewyn Connell
Louise MarsdenAudience at Lady Sings it Better
Liz Wood
Shay Spencer
Jeff Tonge
Annette Taylor
Marryanne Christodoulou
Krystle Payne
Shell Horn
Cath Golden
Emily Spencer
Chris Mercer
Lianna Ambrosini
Ash Barnes
RitaKahn Chen
Sheena Crouch
Natalie Rogers
Rose BollardLady Sings it Better in the Dressing Room
Kirsten Livie
Aru Tandel
Tanya Hennessy
Melanie Goodman
David Moutou
Georgina Hibberd
Hannah Le Coic
Glenn Jones
Lou Lou Nash
Kate Connors
Evelyn Lee
Amy Coopes
Ben De Groot
Jo Dyer
Nicola Gleeson
Graham MeintjesTeresa Savage
Valerie Phipps
Tim Hansen
Linda Tizard
Jenna Martin
Jude Irwin
Jenna Martin
Paul Asquith
Ali  Benton
Katherine Orr
Ashleigh Barnes
Teresa Savage
Emily Falconer
Laura Frank
Thomas MacDonald
Alana Moffett
Grace M
Lauren Vincent
Ted Crosby
Jesse Adams Stein
Toby Stratmann
James KayeLady Sings it Better audience
Mike Field
Alex Parker
Alice Uribe
Fiona Boyd
Amy Morcom
Colin Ford
Di Franken
Jack Franken
Lauren McSporran
Rhonda Yanitsas
Georgia Hendy
Kate Clugston
Ciara Paramore
Graham Peck
Sin Mariani
Em Dardick
Lauren Wiley
Bec Wilson
L Nguyen Hoan
Rosa Valerie Campbell
Tiffany Moulton
Cat Dibley
Lucy Saunders
ValLady Sings it Better audience member
Naomi & Mel
Nikki Liebeskind
Hannah McGee
Chris Wood
Meghan Whiteside
Heidi Quinn
Irene Moggan
Jenna Martin
Adam Powell
Laura Joseph
Paula O’Sullivan
Cameron Power
Mystery and Nellie
Jenny Duncan
Jess Matson
Fiona Virginia Morthorpe
Charlotte Wood
Clare Dieppe
David Basden
Suzi DowsettLady Sings it Better sing Take Your Mama
Jennifer Williams
Rosalie Wood
Adeline Teoh
Angela Chong
Clare Evans
Fabian Faraone
Liz Brooks
Stacy Farrar
Annabelle Taillandier
Cath Hedge
Paul Asquith
Zach Smith
Lena Nobuhara
Nichole Stringer
Julia Wotton
Chris Wood
Emily Begeng
gabrielle hewison
Bruce Clark
Martin Nunn
Nicole Gaff
Jessie Franken
Julianne Sanders
Adrienne Unger
Sam Jacob
Cat Tsai
Gabrielle Hewison
Joanne and Stewart
Tim Walsh
Jim Marsden
Katie Bell
Mystery Carnage
Laura Sturrock
Richard & Janelle Meredith
Finlay Long and the Gimme Head Collective: Geri Lloyd, Nic Gleeson, Amy Coopes, Peta Reeves, Kathy Hutton, Beck Fawcett, Tanya Fox, Teresa Savage, Fiona Morthorpe, Siobhan Towner, Alex Wallace, Cameron Power, Kylie B-C, Lisa Bowen, Kate Duffy, Jen Peden, Val Phipps, Megan Baiocchi, Natalie Martins, Amanda Galea, Ant Hillis, Brett Every, Shelley Mulhern, Tish & Jo, Tania & Jai Reid, Sadhana and Seema, Ingrid Potgieter, Jess, Nat, Annette, Simone Gallo & Julz Arden, Rae Griffin, Sarah, Anna, Ange, Kylie, Vanessa, Ciara Paramore, Nicky Breen, Gboy, Koen, Molly & Penny, Haydn, Felicity & Joe, Emily Spencer, Fruzsina Korosy, Maya and Suzy!

Photos by Kerry Fluhr

5 Comments on Our supporters

  1. Rhonda Yanitsas
    December 15, 2011 at 3:05 am (6 years ago)

    Good on you girls!

  2. Max Gorbach
    July 20, 2012 at 12:37 pm (6 years ago)

    I heard your version of “my sherona” and loved it! Have you plans to put out a CD or similar?

    • ladysingsitbetter
      July 21, 2012 at 3:29 am (6 years ago)

      Hi Max,
      We made a live CD in Adelaide in 2011 which can be purchased by emailing ladysingsitbetter@gmail.com. Unfortunately, My Sharona isn’t on the album. Sorry! Glad you liked our stuff.
      Maeve from the Lady team

  3. Lizzie
    August 24, 2012 at 10:59 am (6 years ago)

    I heard the My Sharona on the radio and loved it. I had often thought how cool it would be to have misogynist songs sung by women.

  4. Justine Riddle
    March 10, 2013 at 1:59 pm (5 years ago)

    I saw you girls last Fringe show in 2011 and saw you tonite with my three daughters who thought you were amazing. Do you have a cd we can purchase at all?
    We loved the show so much we are coming too see u Tuesday night with friends.
    Cheers. Justine